Bubba’s 33, Chesapeake VA

The Bubba’s 33 family restaurant is taking anonymous reviews for the new location at 1725 Debaun Avenue in Chesapeakee, VA.

Tell us your thoughts about Bubba’s 33 in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Bubba’s 33 Restaurant 
1725 Debaun Avenue
Chesapeakee, VA 23320
menu: bubbas33.com/menu
directions: google.com/maps

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  1. Seating is comfortable and spacious. Tastefully decorated. Noise level at 5:45 when we arrived was above normal conversation level. TV Video displays around the room covered any topic you could want to view. Took us approx. 10 minutes to have our server greet us at the table and then he wanted to go over the menu with us. Drinks took another 5 minutes to arrive. Ordered an appetizer and waited and waited. A couple was seated across from us after we arrived, received their appetizer and dinner before ours arrived. Same server for their table. Appetizer arrived and it was very good. When server picked up our empty appetizer plate he asked if we were ready to order. I almost left then! He joked it off and said that he was sure it would be right out. 10 minutes later our dinner arrived and a request for another beverage. The food was very good. My appetite was a bit clouded by my frustration. We arrived at 5:45 and our ticket out was 7:07 and we left at 7:15 after paying. A burger a Chicken sandwich and a Onion ring appetizer. I realize you all are brand new. This would be your one free Oops. There are plenty of places to go where I can get a Hamburger and a drink in less than 30 minutes! 7/17/19 TBL 132/1