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  1. Tonight we went to Burger King ,Springville. The girls behind counter were rude and acting crazy , jumping on counters , screaming and when we got home to eat our food was disgusting, the service was horrible and food even worse! I called to talk to someone she basically said do not come back here !Bye !! Good Luck to the owners this was ridiculous!! Won’t be back !! I will make sure everyone knows how bad too , calling District tomorrow!!

  2. The last time we went to Burger King we was so disgusted everything we asked for ya’ll we’re out of I was furious we fineally ate but the food was terrible I was so disappointed I was really hungry and did’nt want anything but Burgerking we fineally got a burger and left I will eat again at Burger King but not at Springville it was unreal how we we’re treated.I’am not one to complain but I was so disappointed and hungry!