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  1. Count Your Change! On Friday, December 20th my wife pulled into the Burger King at about 6:00 PM. When she arrived, there were no other cars in line and she placed her order at the kiosk and pulled up to the take-out window. The food order was about $18.
    She gave the lady at the take-out window a $100 bill. A minute later that lady handed my wife a wadded-up hand full of bills and immediately said in a very rude fashion “pull up, we will bring it to you”. The clerk then slammed close the window and retreated out of sight.
    My wife counted the wadded-up change and found $61 plus some coins, and surprisingly, no receipt was given. So, she just waited at the window in order to ask about the $20 short change.
    Finally, some other employees came to the window, where my wife explained the short change and showed the employees the money she received. After some discussion, the employees returned the missing $20 bill. At no time during this discussion did the original clerk come into view again.