Captain D’s Lake City, FL

Captain D’s is a fast-casual restaurant featuring fish and chips located on West US Hwy 90 in Lake City, FL.

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Captain D’s
West US Hwy 90, Lake City, FL | Google Maps

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  1. I was in Captains D today around 1:30/2:00 the cashier was rude, non-caring, belittling to the older couple a headed of me. They only had money for one meal, there was coupons starting March 9 to ? she told them they could not use them. I payed for a second she was very rude, then she disappeared my food sit in the window I went up and ask for it and ask would they please give the couple their food. I went back up and got a cheese cake and they drive thru guy under his breath told them they could use them, I believe there is a color issue, I don’t care who you are we are all the same in Gods eyes. I won’t be going back to your store and I’m sorry people act like they are stuck and can’t grow up.

  2. I like Captain Ds fish, but I tried their new fried oysters and they were terrible .I ordered the large,and got what looked and tasted like A small box of dark brown rocks.

  3. Awesome soft launch. They handled a flood of people and chaos very well. The food was spectacular. So happy to see Captain D’s come to Lake City