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5 Replies to “CONTACT”

  1. This was the worst visit i had anywhere yall have young kids that dont know how to do things i was very very upset with the way my visit went today i believe yall need more training and new mangers

  2. we called in an ordered on Friday night 3/2/18 .we ordered 2 of the 7 oz.sirlions ,well done with baked potatoes and a dozen rolls.i went and got them and got back home and neither one of the steaks were done and the rolls were still doughy.we ordered out from there several times a month and should have gotten what we ordered. one steak still had blood in it.dont know if I will order again or not.

  3. Hello, I posted a review on Devon and Blakely restaurant coming to Charlotte, NC. I need to edit it and remove my picture. I don’t see any ways to do so. Please guide me with this. If this is not possible, please remove the review. Thank you.

    Faruque Ahmed

  4. I was recently told that a new Arbys is opening up in Bushnell, Florida within your new shopping complex there. I used to work for Arbys in Casper, Wyoming and am very interested in applying for a job there. Can you please advise me of who I can contact regarding this? A reply would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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