The Hardee’s fast-food chain is taking anonymous reviews for the location opening at 1500 Block South Main Street in Farmville, VA.

Tell us your thoughts about Hardee’s coming Farmville in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Hardee’s (Farmville, VA)
1500 Block South Main Street
Farmville, VA 23901

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  1. Yeah, literally just got back from one of the worst fast food experiences of my life. A friend and I pulled up to the drive-through at 11:37 and completed ordering and paying without issue, but were told to pull forward and wait for the remainder of our order, as a considerable line had built up behind us. After waiting for a total of 8 minutes until 11:45 we watched as the employee proceeded to knock on the window of the car behind us and give him our food. After a further four minutes of waiting, we went inside to get our food and the manager dismissed us at first insisting we wait to be helped. When finally addressed we were given our food and a drink that was not what we ordered came with it. Upon telling the manager of our wait and our food being given away she denies it and proceeds to make up an excuse. At this point, we cut our losses and left to get home and discover that my friend not only had barely any fries but had only 4 chicken tenders. This place is asinine and run by a bunch of morons that can neither count to four, plan ahead of time enough to make more chicken tenders before the lunch rush, or take responsibility for their actions. 0/5 would not go back hope it closes soon.