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  1. I go to Hog n Bones a couple times a week. The night manager Sandy can recognize muy voice on the phone. All of the employees are very nice and they get your order right. I go to a Bar B Q restaurant to get the shrimp plate which is better than what the actual Sea Food restaurant serves and the prices are better

  2. I am hoping to see a sign taking applications soon I live on Sunset blvd this will be my first opportunity working for this Restaurant this is first time I ever heard of this Restaurant I have Google it found many very interesting things I appreciate about this Restaurant I ride by it every day waiting for “now hiring sign to go up I can’t wait to work for and learn new things of what the name Hog and Bones stand for

    I have cooked few Restaurants I also have lots of experience in fast food even at Disney I have cook so I am looking forward to working in this New Restaurant thank you for bring this new Restaurant here to Jesup GA.

    Jacob Jones

    1. went to Hog N Bones in Jesup Ga its the talk of the town and let me tell you the staff was very nice ordered the family food for the first time 4 BLT, and fries, 1 chicken quesadilla Mack and Cheeses, 3 Banana pudding.was the worst food i have gotten from a restaurant in quite some time.first the BLT were plain as could be the fries were ok the quesadilla was gritty like eating wet sand not sure if ill go back and try something else or not ..wast of almost $40.00….

  3. I can not wait for Hog N Bones to come to Jesup… I hope to be apart of the team and serving my community..