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  1. I wanted to compliment the excellent service that I received at Ihop in Indian Trail, North Carolina. The waiter (Cody) did a fantastic job. He greeted our table with a very positive impression. He was very professional. He made suggestions and answered questions. He brought us our drinks in a quick timely manner. He made sure that our order was correct and served us in a timely manner. He made sure that we had refills on our drinks. He did plus selling on other items on the menu such as dessert. I was impressed as to how he made sure that our experience at the restaurant was up to standards. The food was hot and the cook did an excellent job on preparing our meal. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional he was. I highly recommend the Ihop at Indian Trail, North Carolina. I have personally had over 30 years of experience in retail and hosting. I know excellent service when I see it. I also recognize superiority in service and appreciate it. I just wanted to let it be known how wonderful of an experience I received at this location and the fact that this company has such a professional server. I will recommend this location to others. Thank You for helping to make our experience exceptional.