Jersey Mike’s Subs, Toledo, OH

Jersey Mike’s Subs is taking anonymous reviews for the location at 3444 Secor Road in Toledo, OH.

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Jersey Mike’s Subs
3444 Secor Road, Suite 210
Toledo, OH 43606

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  1. My experience today was absolutely superb. The manager instantly stood out with his sexy salt and pepper hair, well-groomed and displayed a name tag on his uniform. I was impressed by the fact that as a boss, he didn’t appear rushed and demanding to his staff as some fast food managers appear. He happily fit right in making sandwiches and did not appear too proud. He was very smooth and particularly when carefully wrapping the sandwiches. His grill staff was attentive by informing me that he was waiting for my cheese to melt. The restaurant is extremely clean, located in an area supported by other businesses, the prices are reasonable and the staff was accommodating. No offense to Subway, but Jersey Mike’s has them beat with less toppings, but just the right flavor. I observed one worker asking a customer if he wanted his sandwich warmed. Best of all, when I accidentally left my credit card in the machine, the staff found me in the parking lot and brought it to me. He was rewarded with money from my car and I will return and personally give him more money just because of how impressed I was with his integrity. His act of honesty, kindness and selfless service is commendable because he could have easily ran my card up and bought airline tickets to Hawaii, filled his gas tank up, went on a shopping spree or committed some other criminal act with my card before I noticed. He displayed leadership that every worker and manager should demonstrate and is an example to corporations and government agencies. Thankfully his manager was standing beside him and heard me compliment him because too many times regular line workers miss out on the positive feedback they rightfully deserve. Additionally I was offered a job which I respectfully declined. The manager also invited me back for a free sub. Please visit Jersey Mike’s on Secor Road in Toledo and flood their business outside of the door every hour and everyday for the next month so the surrounding businesses, all of Toledo and Toledo visitors from the nearby hotels can observe what an excellent business we have in our community. Perfect customer service was exemplified this afternoon, which is half the battle when sustaining a business in the food industry. Lastly, the scrumptious toppings on my Philly cheesesteak sandwich will leave me dreaming about Jersey Mike’s!