Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, Cedar Park TX

Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, Cedar Park TX
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Mandola’s Italian Kitchen is a Texas based Italian restaurant and bakery that’s opening a 4th location at 12100 West Parmer Lane in Cedar Park, TX.

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Mandola’s Italian Kitchen
Address: 12100 West Parmer Lane, Cedar Park, TX 78613

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  1. Our party of four met around 4:00PM on a Saturday to celebrate a birthday. It was not too crowded then, but by the time we finished, there was a long waiting line. Point #1: Come early.

    Point #2: Congrats for carrying my favorite red wine, Valpolicella, but it came only as a $40 bottle. A full bottle was too much wine for our party, so I had to settle for a very vin ordinaire by the glass. Does management know they can find Valpolicella or its twin Bardolino at Spec’s for under $10? Check it out. They did offer a tasting sample. Two stars for the wine.

    Point #3: The food. First, the good news. My wife loved her eggplant parmagian, five stars for it. I was disappointed by my lasagne. Lasagne means layers: a layer of pasta, a layer of meat sauce, and a layer of cheese, repeat. My serving consisted of one too-thick layer of feta cheese and layers of pasta; no
    sign of meat sauce layers. It did come with a delicious cheesy gravy however. Two stars for the lasagne.

    Point #4: Price. The bill came to just over $80, a reasonable tab for a party of four, plus my wife will enjoy a second meal from her takeout.

    BUT, Point #5: Mandola’s has a low-service fast-food serving plan and atmosphere. Think McDonalds: line up to place your order, serve yourself for napkins, utensils, and takeout boxes. Staff members were available to offer advice and deliver drinks and food to the table.

    This was our first visit. With this experience under our belt, we would return with lower expectations. Overall rating: three stars.

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