Pollo Tropical, Boca Raton, FL

A new Pollo Tropical restaurant, featuring citrus-marinated flame-grilled chicken, will soon be under construction on the former Wendy’s property at 21300 Saint Andrews Blvd. in Boca Raton, FL.

Tell us your thoughts about Pollo Tropical coming your way in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Pollo Tropical
21300 St Andrews Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33433
Menu: pollotropical.com
Map: google.com/maps

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  1. I have never in sixty-four years written a review for anything, but I was so disgusted with this restaurant, I had to do something. It was like this place was out of the book, Lord of the Flies, where a bunch of ill-equipped children were running the place. There were four males preparing all the food, while four females (all in late teens or early twenties) were dragging their feet doing nothing without ever smiling or acting pleasant to the customer. The sauce station had sauces that were all almost empty and the area hadn’t been wiped down in hours; there were sauces dripped everywhere. The utensil area was mostly empty in all receptacles and very dirty. There were no salt packets and after a ten-minute wait (nobody was even in front of me and only four people were eating inside besides me and my mother), a girl gave me two packets from the back. When I told her I “needed more and there were no packets in the utensil area”, she said, “We’re out of salt”!!!! The french fries came straight from the back soggy and cold; my chicken wrap had a tiny dab of Caesar’s dressing on it and it looked like a toddler attempted to wrap it. My mother’s chicken was under cooked. Her rice “with veggies” had two peas in it. If I owned this restaurant, I would have blown my stack to see the way my operation was being run. There was literally no aspect of this restaurant that wasn’t grossly under-performing. I left so angry and disgusted; slept on it; and woke still feeling the need to alert the public to never go to this facility.