A new Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken restaurant will soon be under construction on Main Street in Shorter, AL.

Tell us your thoughts about Popeye’s coming to your area in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Popeye’s Shorter AL
Main Street
Shorter, AL
Menu: popeyes.com/menu

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  1. Was glad it came. BUT! Very disappointed. We have been there about 10 times since they have opened. Not once have they got our to go order right. Always something missing or something not ordered. Today I ordered two chicken lunches. My mistake, I didn’t chech the order. Only one chicken diner in the bag. I drove back, 13 miles one way, talked to the clerkthat tok the order, he said he didn’t remember ne an $11.00 was the cost of a chicken diner! We live in the country, so having POPeye’s to come here I thought was a blessing. WRONG