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  1. Spent $41 the first day they opened. It was the worst chicken I have ever had. For it to be opening day everything should have been on point, I didn’t mind the hour wait at the drive thru but when I got home my order was wrong, the chicken was old and tasted of burnt grease. If they weren’t prepared to open that day they should have waited. I have tried several times to reach out to them to no avail. Since I haven’t heard from anyone connected with the restaurant I will take my business to one of the other chicken places in Greer.

  2. Worst chicken i have ever eaten! I had the tenders and they tasted like cardboard! Plus,i had to wait in line for an hour! Will never go back!

  3. I can’t wait I have been waiting for one to come to this area. Need one in the city of Greenville, SC also so we don’t have to drive to Greer.

  4. The sign at that location does not say Popeyes Chicken. It says Andy’s Frozen Customer, now hiring. What happened to Popeyes???

    1. My FAVORITE chicken in the country (and I’ve lived coast to coast!) Can’t wait! I passed by there yesterday to see how the building is going!

  5. YAAAAAY!!!! Can’t wait for them to open. I have been bragging to friends & family for a yr on the 1st experience my family and I had eating at a Popeyes in Tennessee last yr on a vacation there. And have been wishing ever since!! that we could get 1 in my town because everything from the service to the food was AWESOME!! The people were generally very nice, to the adults & the kids with us, and the chicken was the best EVER!!!! I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT YOU GUYS FINALLY COMING TO GREENVILLE S.C. Right down from my house too. 😆

  6. Can’t wait!!!! The chicken is the best and I love the onion rings. I hope you offer the onion rings in Greer. When are you supposed to open?

  7. I’m so excited. I used to work at it one Florida and I enjoyed working there and the food. Never got tired of it. So long forward to the new addition to Greer.

  8. They better play the zydeco music (looking at you, Boiling Springs) and be ready to make the best chicken in Greer! Sooooo excited!

  9. Good I can not wait… Can yall please bring one to Greenville OR Simpsonville just love that chicken….

  10. I am so ready for Popeye’s to open in Greer. There are other chicken restaurants in the area but they don’t compare. The opening cannot come soon enough.

  11. This is AWESOME! I moved here from Atlanta 5 years ago and i’ve always wanted to have a popeyes closer than the 40 minute drive I have now. I can’t wait! 😁

  12. I am so excited , I loved it when I went to New Orleans !!! Had the one in boiling springs , but is out of my way !!!

  13. Omg me and my family are so excited that we don’t have to drive 45 mins to get our favorite chicken!!

    1. Love it – was wondering what they where going to put in place of Ryans Steak House – Wonderful idea – love the food that Popey’s has and we do not have to drive to Boiling Springs now – it is so close to us –

      1. Ryan’s is so truly disgusting all the ones in Louisiana have closed. The board of health shut them down. Thank God they were horrible.

          1. Would love for you guys to come to Greenville, SC, but will buy in Greer until you come to Greenville. Tired of traveling to Gaffney, Boiling Springs and Columbia.

      1. Looking forward to having one here in Greer. We always go to the one in Piegon Forge, Tenn. & in Bay St Louis Miss., Biloxi Miss. so we welcome you here in Greer.

  14. can we PLEASE HAVE A popeyes in greenwood anderson or abbeville south carolina PLEASE! i need lunch there 5 times weekly lol i have to travle 1 hr + to get good chicken

  15. Finally glad to see Popeye’s in Greer. Greer is finally growing. I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

  16. Just hope they jeep it clean and well maintained, and not put a bunch if ratchets in there working shoot tired of them hateful clowns with they attitudes ijs! lets get something and keep it nice please.

  17. I love Popeyes since I lived in NC!! So glad their coming to Greer so close to me. Can’t hardly wait!!!

  18. I am si ecited to see a Popeyes closer to us.Its the best chicken ever. Now if tou would cinsider bringing one to Hwy 153 in the Powdersville area would be even better. You know Hwy 153 is the most heavily traveled area in the county now.Please????

    1. Thank You!!
      Thank You!!
      Thank You!!
      I have called your customer service line numerous times requesting a Popeyes store in the Greenville area..So grateful to have a location closer to me than Gaffney or Boiling Springs..Can we please get another location in Greenville SC White Horse rd..Hint.. There is an old Arbys building between Dominoes and Wells Fargo that is up for sale..This @ intersection close to Anderson Rd and White Horse Rd. I feel as though this would be a great location for your next store!!!!. Time to say Goodbye to Bojangle’s..KFC..and Church’s Chicken!!!!
      Can’t Wait!!!
      Power of prayer and faith always come through!!
      Thank you Lord..!!
      And you too Popeyes’s Corporate office….

  19. Greer will finally get a great spicy chicken restaurant. I won’t have to go to Columbia or Boiling Springs to get the best.

  20. I am excited! Ate at the Boiling Springs location a couple of weeks ago, first time ever eating Popeyes……. the chicken was delicious ( ordered the spicy) and the red beans and rice was my favorite!!