Pub 1802, Fort Wayne, IN

Pub 1802, Fort Wayne, IN
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The Pub 1802 is an upscale eatery that’s taking anonymous reviews for the location at 1802 Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne, IN.

Tell us your thoughts about the Pub 1802 restaurant in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Restaurateur Bill Bean is at the helm of the pub-concept eatery slated to open by late November.

Pub 1802
1802 Spy Run Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

2 Replies to “Pub 1802, Fort Wayne, IN”

  1. I’m rating this based on food, service, and atmosphere. Burgers and Wings were good.
    1. Fries – not so good. We received an order of fries with a hair in it. They later told us it was a chicken feather and it was normal. First time I heard that. I told them they should be using a separate fryer for only fries. I also added that since the burgers and wings were pretty good to not serve frozen fries.
    2. I ordered Brussel sprouts and never received it.
    3. We ordered sliders with the fries (the one with the chicken feather in it) and had it returned. They took forever to re-make the order. So, one of us did not eat. We told the server to put it in box to take home. In kitchen 101, when you mess up an order (especially with chicken feather fries), your order should take priority.
    4. Servers – there were servers that just should not be servers. They looked depressed, mad, stressed out and just pretty much were downers.
    5. We ordered wings and like I said – they were good; however, it would be great if they gave you small plates. We asked for plates. We got 3 plates even though we were 4 in a party. We asked for another plate – guess what. Never got it.
    6. We were there longer then we should have been. Service was slow.
    7. We asked for the check, because we were fed up already. Never got the check. We got up and then finally the server comes and asked if we had paid. We said we’ve been waiting for the check and never came. I followed the server to get the bill. Guess what – it was the wrong bill. Got the right bill finally and paid it. I still gave a decent tip (18%).
    8. I did discuss all the issues with the server that I outlined. Nothing was done though. The server said he was stressed out.
    9. When one of your team members is stressed out, then other team members should step up to help out. Isn’t that what a team does? There was nothing like that here.
    10. We tried it and won’t be returning.
    11. Advice – When you open a new establishment that deals with food, service, atmosphere – then you better bring your top game.

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