Side A Brewing, La Grande, OR

Side A Brewing, La Grande, OR
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Side A Brewing is an upscale gastro pub featuring craft beer and tasty pub fare opening soon at 1219 Washington Avenue in La Grande, OR.

Partners Nicolas Fairbanks
Scott McConnell
Travis Hansen

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Side A Brewing
1219 Washington Ave
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 550-0142

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  1. After a week long anticipation of celebrating a medical milestone with my family at Side A Brewing, we were asked to leave to make room for the band. As our party of five were finishing our entrees and drinks, we were asked to vacate our table so the band could set-up. Our waitress returned to our table immediately after processing our payment (three digit total), which included a generous (>20%) tip, to ask us to vacate our table. Had this not happened I would not have taken the time to write a review stating how bad the gumbo dish was. The shrimp had no resemblance of tasting like shrimp. They were mushy and the only flavor was that of liquid smoke that permeated the entire dish.

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