The Dirty Bird, Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI

The Dirty Bird, Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI
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The Dirty Bird features wings, pub grub with 40 beers on tap located at 140 West Michigan Avenue in downtown Jackson, MI.

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The Dirty Bird
140 West Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 358-8711 | Google Maps

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  1. Went there Tues. 3/19 with my son,this wife,my grandson,and sister-in-law. My son told me about .50 cent wing day on Tues. They had been there before and wait staff told them .50 cent wings every Tues. So we went this Tues. Altogether we ordered 50 wings thinking it would be $25.00. They charged $50.00 and said 50 cent wings only between 4-9 pm. We were there 1-2 pm. We told manager what wait staff told my son before. They have no sign or special card posted in resturant or on menu. We thought we were buying 50 cent wings. The manager said wait staff wrong and 4-9 50 cent wings ad on Facebook. We never use Facebook. He did nothing to appease us. Just kept saying he was sorry and took the $25 extra. Didn’t even offer anything like splitting the difference,not even $5 off. Told him never going back but he would rather have 12 to 25 dollars today than a regular customer who recommend the place to others. Obviously doesn’t understand good customer service! He kept asking name of server that said wings 50 cents every Tues. He obviously didn’t believe us. We don’t need $25 or $10 that bad or as bad as he obviously did. Guess he needed money more than regular customer for next 5 years if they are open that long. Wings much smaller than other visits. He made some lame excuse about vendor sent smaller this time, yeah right!! They obviously cut them in half now. Not a good way to have your business last very long. Very disappointed , won’t be back. Customer not valued there. I was in sales 30 years. The customer is always right! You don’t incinuate they are cheap liars!!

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