Twin Peaks Restaurant, Winston-Salem

Twin Peaks Restaurant, Winston-Salem
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Twin Peaks Restaurant is a sports bar featuring bar bites, burgers and draft beer served at 29 degrees located in the former Macaroni Grill space at 1915 Hampton Inn Court in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Twin Peaks Restaurant
1915 Hampton Inn Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 | Google Maps

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  1. The Manager Actually Asked Me to STAY.

    For a long time, I’ve been reading very negative things about this place.
    I didn’t really care, because I liked their hot wings.
    So yesterday afternoon, Saturday, January 5, I went in to watch the last half of one NFL Wild Card Game and the entire late game.
    I sat at the bar–and as time rolled on, I counted 22 others.
    Sometimes there were three bartenders and other times there were Exactly Zero bartenders.
    No one seemed to be particularly rushed–no real craziness that would slow them down, or otherwise cause me to eventually set my menu upright on the bar because nothing else worked to get their attention–55 minutes after I sat down.
    I’ll not be back to bother them.
    I told the fellow seated to my right, that I figured it was time to go somewhere to get something to eat. He simply shrugged and shook his head.
    I had noticed what appeared to be a manager walking around from time to time–so on my way to the door, I figured I should stop and ask her where I should pay for the single Club Soda w/Lemon drink I actually Was served, about 15 minutes after I sat down.
    I introduced my self to the manager and told her what happened.
    “I can get you a table if you like,” she said as if that would somehow make a difference or make things fine.
    When I declined, as asked me, “Are you Sure?”
    I mean–it’s easy to see that she feigned missing the point because she was too embarrassed to admit that she’s obviously a rotten manager and can’t train any of the staff to Do The Simplest Tasks–like bring Napkins when delivering hot wings, (Are you KIDDING?) or getting orders correct, or Actually Waiting On Customers, because after all, They’re Waitresses.
    Jeebus, just writing about this is ridiculous. As if things have to be Explained to them.
    So I drove down the street to another sports bar named after the state of North Carolina, next to a mall parking lot. It was a magnificent evening where people actually know what they’re doing. I sat at the bar. There were 26 others and there were three bartenders. My hot wings arrived about 15 minutes After I Sat Down.
    The service and management of Twin Peaks Almost could not possibly be worse, and if they somehow could be, I’d like to know how.
    Whatever they’re being paid, it’s too much–and all of their yee-haw, slap-dog, slack-jawed “go team” BS makes them look even dumber.
    Never again.

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